The Sea of Galilee – really a lake that modern Israelis call the Kinneret  – is a magnificent geographical marvel surrounded by pretty rural agricultural settlements. Famous because of its prominence among New Testament writings (as is the whole of the Galilee as the place Jesus lived), the Sea of Galilee is one of the earliest settled areas in the Land of Israel and boasts archaeological ruins sitting alongside some of the first pioneering settlements in Israel, as well as religious sites, modern cities, and endless outdoor pursuits.

The Sea of Galilee lies on the ancient Via Maris trade route that linked Egypt with the northern empires. The location and the excellent fishing drew many Greek, Roman and Jewish settlers – including the families of Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples Simon, Andrew, Peter, Philip, Nathaniel (Bartholomew), John and James.

Top 7 Christian sites at the Sea of Galilee

The most significant places in the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth aren’t in Jerusalem, but in the picturesque Lower Galilee

  1. Capernaum National Park
  2. Tabgha
  3. Mount of Beatitudes
  4. Mount Tabor
  5. Kursi National Park
  6. Bethsaida
  7. Yardenit
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