The Sea of Galilee Festival is an event providing for about thirty performances in three days, scheduled in three categories:

Friendly Concerts

Each choir can participate in 2 friendly concerts to be held in the halls of the Kibbutzim around the Sea of Galilee and the Churches in the area, and to sing from the repertoire of the choir 20 minutes, about 5 songs.


Big Meeting Concert

Each choir can participate in one Large Concert held in one of the theater halls of the Jordan Valley or in a big church. In this concert the choirs will meet with a large number of choirs and each will sing two of it’s best songs.




In two of the days of the festival, Friday  and Saturday, at 11:00,  you are invited (at your choice) to participate in enrichment workshops in various subjects, master classes, a performance of a leading Israeli singing ensemble and a singing tour in the Jordan Valley. *It is included in the price of the festival. Details will follow.


    A friendly concert at the Scotland Church, Tiberias 

A big meeting concert at Magdala church

Workshop of Canzona Choir – Poland

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